Myllèrí – L’Hiver & Le Printemps du Coeur

L’Hiver du Coeur - The Winter of the Heart -

contains 4 piano solo pieces and is a prelude to a series “from the heart’ , reflecting the different moods of the 4 seasons . Every season is caught in a quadriptych of musical colors, which inspired Myllèrí to write this series.


Le Printemps du Coeur is the 2nd series and has been released from 25th of February 2022. It also contains 4 solo piano pieces:

- Réveile  - February 25

- L’Amour - March 18

- Mille Fleurs - April 8 

- Une Liaison Amoureuse - April 29 

- Collection EP of Le Printemps du Coeur including 4 bonus tracks on upright piano will be released May 20 


L'amour est le printemps du coeur et le printemps a mille et mille fleurs. (Alexandre Dumas ) from La Princesse Flora (1863) ‘Love is the Springtime of the heart, and spring brings thousands and thousands of flowers”


Relaxing , meditative, neo-classical piano music with 4 bonus tracks played on an, over 100 years old, upright piano which has been in the family ever since . This piano was the start of recording these pieces, and brings special flavors to the music. Myllèrí is the alter ego of Coen Molenaar / Conrad Miller. Based in The Netherlands, and working as a piano player, keyboardist and composer all over the globe in a broad spectrum of styles . Still touring with the legendary Jan Akkerman, and his own groups like Tristan and The New Conrad Miller Trio.