Myllèrí – L'Orient & L'Occident  (2023)

Myllèrí – Les Saisons du Coeur (2022)

Mylleri – 2023  :  L’Orient & L’Occident (The East & West)

14 new , neo-classical compositions , telling the tales of another era, while traveling with the legendary Orient Express in the late 19th century. From the western part of Europe , to the eastern part ; Constantinople and even further to Cairo and Damascus. Some travelers with great expectations of a new life, others to meet new friends, or  a rendezvous with an unexpected love. The music reflects a nostalgic longing for romance, slow-life, in a time when traveling was still an artform. Classical phrases in a combination with impressionistic elements.

Every season there will be four different parts ; Great expectations, the art of traveling , A rendezvous & (unexpected) encounters. Staged in beautiful cities like London, Vienna , Belgrade , Paris, Trieste to name a few.

Traveling is like life itself. Something we can all relate to .

(All recorded on Steinway & Sons , C3 Grand piano at Rossini Studios , Stuttgart , Germany) 


L’Automne du Cœur 

The Autumn of the heart is the 4th season of Myllèrí’s series from the heart. Stories about the beautiful colours, and fading summer sun of Autumn.

Valse de Bourges , Octobre Cinq & Les Vieux Amants are the first 3 of 4 piano pieces in the spirit of Autumn. 

L’été du Cœur,  The summer of the heart, is the third season of Myllèrí’s series from the heart, and tells the tales of a French summer .

Full of lively colours, wine, scents of herbs, lavender and great food. Nuits de Juin : inspired by a poem of French novelist Victor Hugo : 

4 piano pieces :

Nuits de Juin

Tu es Belle

La Petite Pluie d’Été

Ombres de Violet 


Le Printemps du Coeur, The Springtime of the heart 

It also contains 4 solo piano pieces:

- Réveille

- L’Amour -

- Mille Fleurs

- Une Liaison Amoureuse  


L'Hiver Du Coeur (1st release) - The Winter of the Heart - contains 4 piano solo pieces and is a prelude to a series “from the heart’ , reflecting the different moods of the 4 seasons . Every season is caught in a quadriptych of musical colors, which inspired Myllèrí to write this series. 

Myllèrí is the alter ego of Coen Molenaar / Conrad Miller.

Based in The Netherlands, and working as a piano player, keyboardist and composer all over the globe in a broad spectrum of styles . Still touring with the legendary Jan Akkerman, and his own groups like Tristan and The New Conrad Miller Trio .